Jay Design

Strike Electronic Drum Kit Editing Software

Project Description

For this project I conceptualized and designed the user interface for the Alesis Strike drumkit editing software. I also worked on the design and workflow for the Alesis Srike drum module screens. The purpose of this software was to create an inituive and professional way for drummers to build their own electronic drumkits and upload them to the Alesis Strike module to be played. I was able to work on this project from the beginning concepts, through mockups, and then to final designs to be implented.

Final Concepts

The kit editor as shown in the image above enables the user to create their own unique drumkits. Instrument files can be selected and dragged from the left browser and dropped onto the drum pads on the right. Below the drum graphic the user can edit the audio parameters of each pad. After they are finished editing the user can save their new kit and upload it to the drum module to be played.

The instrument editor enables the user to edit the finer details such as the actual instrument files. Similar to the kit editor the user selects ans instrument file from the left browser. The user can edit the basic parameters such as level and pan at the top, but can also go deeper and edit the sample files that make up a whole instrument in the lower area.

Final Hardware Concepts

As mentioned, along with the software I was also tasked with creating the workflow and concepts for the UI screens on the Strike Module. The user can accomplish most of the same tasks on the module as the pc software, however they can also record samples directly to the module and create their own chopped samples.