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Poetry Poster

Expressive Typography

Poster Celebrating Poetry Month 2014

Project Description

For national poetry month in 2014 my design class was tasked with creating expressive typographic posters using peoms by various poets. These posters were put on display in a local gallery in Nelsonville, Ohio, where in the same gallery the poets held an event supporting My Sisters Place (A non-profit supporting woman and children facing domestic abuse).

This poster was based off the poem by Victor Depta titled "Love's Cell Phone", a poem about generational separation and disconnect.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio


Using various methods I was able to conceptalize the final poster using both analog and digital process.

One these methods invloved using a copy machine to distort the printed text of the peom. This helped represent the static created by a low signal on a phone call.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

Gallery Display

For the project I was paired with a parnter and was tasked to create cohesive elements between the posters

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