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Beer Series Logo Design

Project Description

For this project I was contracted by a local Brewery called Idle Hands to create logo for their beer series called "Kill Your Idles". The Kill Your Idles series consisted of range of fruited sour ales that each had a unique fruit ingrediant. The logo would be displayed on their glassware and certian wearable merchandise.

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At the initial meeting I took notes on what the client wanted included in their logo. They wanted emphasis on the fruit flavors and the killing aspect of the name Kill Your Idles. After the meeting I began sketching out ideas based on the initial meeting and the name Kill Your Idles.

Once I had some ideas started mocking them up in Illustrator. After a week I brought the sketches back to the client for review. We decided to move forward with the bomb design. I spent a few more days of iteration work on the bomb design before ending up with the final design.

Final Design