Jay Design

Headrush Guitar Pedalboard

Project Description

This was a collobortative project that was handled by three separate designers inlcuding myself. I was added onto the project closer to end of the version 1.0 release and handled most of the final graphical implements. Basically this pedalboard includes many types of fx pedals all bundled together in one user friendly product. The guitarist interacted with a touchscreen (right) on the board to set up different rigs. The guitarist could then turn the fx on and off using the actual stomp buttons on the unit.

Urku Portfolio


Since I was brought on after most of the UI was finalized I'll just focus on one aspect that that worked on that played a large role in the project. As you see in the image above the fx pedals are lined up on a cable that goes from the in block to the out block. The path of above is a straight path from A to B. What I was tasked with was to figure out how a split cable would be displayed. With the assistance of another designer we layed out what the cable would look like and scaled the pedal artwork so that everything fit in small space. This proved to a challenging since we didn't want to scale too much in case the artwork got too small for the user. Below are a few pictures of the process.