Jay Design

Headrush Looperboard

Project Description

The looperboard is designed for the main purpose of creating and playing back loops in a studio and perfomance environment. For this product I worked with a small team and aided in the conceptualization and design of the overall firmware interface.

Pedalboard UI


The general workflow consists of 4 different views the user can access via the top bar on the screen. The icons represent a different view such as the meter view, timeline view, mixer view, and FX view. It was important that these pages were easily accesed to insure an effcient creative expreience. Less utilized pages are inserted into the dropdown eplipses. These pages inlude the audio routing, global settings, and the import/export pages.

The stomp switches plays a large part in the overall user experience. They can be used to play, stop, and record for the coresponding inputs. Colors were used to best signify which playmode was activated. Blue is used for mute, green for play, and red for recording. Orange and yellow is a selection/selected color.

There are also secondary stomp actions that can be activatd by hitting the function swtich. These menus allow the user to perform more effects such as reversing the audio or raising the input an octave. Since they are all applied using the stomps the user can be performing while applying the function opening the door for more creative solutions on the spot.